Funding Approach

Melville Charitable Trust-Supporting Solutions to Prevent and End Homelessness

Supporting solutions to prevent and end homelessness

The Melville Charitable Trust seeks out and supports solutions to prevent and end homelessness. We fund housing-centered solutions that enable people who have experienced homelessness to reclaim their lives. Among our priorities are the creation of affordable and supportive housing as well as housing advocacy and policy development.

Ending homelessness requires organizations to cross boundaries and individuals to re-examine their beliefs and change their roles, relationships, and approaches to work. It also calls for influential leaders who believe homelessness can be ended and can communicate a vision for doing so. For these reasons, we have a strong bias toward investing in systemic approaches that focus on strengthening relationships between people and between organizations, improving ways of working together, and cultivating the will and leadership needed to make change happen.

We look for the potential to make systemic change through funding opportunities that:

Billings Forge Community WorksWithin this focus on preventing and ending homelessness through systemic approaches, we award grants in three program areas: Housing, Health and Support, and Income. We also make Cross-Program Initiative grants.

Ultimately, through our investments, we want to change public thinking about the ways to consider and end homelessness. Our conscious strategy has been to move policy, decision-making, and the structure of government and philanthropy away from emergency, palliative responses that serve only to perpetuate homelessness and toward proven, scalable and cost-effective alternatives that will permanently end homelessness as we know it today.