Health and Support

Most often, it is a combination of factors that push individuals and families into homelessness, with one loss or struggle leading to another. Whether the precipitating event is the loss of a job, illness, family conflict, or just an inability to make ends meet, the impact is the same: the loss of a home and supports, and feelings of despair and hopelessness.

With help, most people are able to get back on their feet within a relatively short period of time, particularly if affordable housing is available in the community. But for others, the struggle to regain a stable home is daunting, and often complicated by mental illness, addiction, domestic violence, or other factors that present significant challenges to finding and keeping a home.

We support an array of solutions that address these varied needs. These solutions center on preventing homelessness among people at high-risk of housing loss, helping people get and stay housed, and expanding supportive housing, which links affordable housing with flexible, person-centered services. Our grantmaking is also used to foster individual support and community connections within the Frog Hollow neighborhood in Hartford.


Our Health and Support Priority Focus Areas

Chrysalis Center, Inc.We support efforts to increase supportive housing units in local communities and ensure they are quickly available to people who are highly vulnerable to homelessness. We aim to expand the use of “housing first” approaches while taking advantage of the opportunities presented by health care reform to expand options for financing and delivering supportive housing services.

In 2013 we provided the Corporation for Supportive Housing in Connecticut with $300,000 to support implementation of supportive housing strategies of Opening Doors–Connecticut, including strengthening the capacity of providers and public systems to use opportunities under the Affordable Care Act to effectively serve more people.


Women's Institute for Housing & Economic DevelopmentWe support community-wide efforts to: transform existing services so people can move more quickly out of homelessness and into permanent housing; improve the way local organizations work together and share information so more people get the help they need; and strengthen the ability of families and individuals to bounce back from crisis and retain their housing.

This year the Trust awarded the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness a $393,645 two-year grant to support the strengthening of the crisis response system and implementation of Opening Doors-Connecticut, including advancing a statewide rapid re-housing program and coordinated access system.


Billings Forge Community WorksWith a focus on the upper Frog Hollow neighborhood of Hartford, we support efforts that foster resident participation and community investment, improve housing quality and employment opportunities, and stimulate innovation in community building.

In 2013 Billings Forge Community Works in Hartford received $345,000 to support community building, youth development, and employment-focused social enterprise in Frog Hollow.


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