Housing that is affordable for individuals and families with the lowest incomes is fundamental to preventing and ending homelessness. Our grantmaking seeks to increase the supply of deeply affordable rental housing and improve access to that housing for people with histories of homelessness.


Our Housing Priority Focus Areas

NeighborWorks New HorizonsWe support efforts to increase the supply of affordable rental housing for people with extremely low incomes, and increase the speed of housing creation.

In 2012 we provided the National Low Income Housing Coalition with a $500,000, two-year grant for operational support and ongoing strategy development to fund and implement the National Housing Trust Fund.


Women's Institute for Housing & Economic DevelopmentWe support efforts to increase the supply of rent subsidies to make apartments more affordable. This is particularly important now as current and potential funding cuts threaten the sustainability of state and federal subsidy programs.

The Trust provided a two-year, $280,000 grant in 2013 to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities for their work at the nexus of fiscal policy and rental assistance.


Chrysalis Center, Inc.We support efforts to expand access to private market and public housing rental units for people who have histories of homelessness and other significant barriers to obtaining housing.

The Connecticut Housing Coalition received a $76,000 grant in 2013, to support implementation of the housing strategies of Opening Doors-Connecticut, including efforts to achieve set-asides in state financed housing for households with extremely low incomes.

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