Most people who fall into homelessness have incomes well below the federal poverty level. Our grantmaking supports policies, practices, and collaborative approaches that result in substantially higher rates of employment, work retention, and income among people who have experienced homelessness.


Our Income Priority Focus Areas

Billings Forge Community WorksWe support efforts to: strengthen social enterprises that are successful in helping people who have experienced homelessness prepare for, find, and keep decent-paying jobs within thriving industries; improve the way education, job readiness, training, placement, and support organizations work together to reduce barriers to employment for low-skilled workers; and create better connections to employment for people served by community rapid re-housing and re-entry initiatives.

A portion of this year’s $345,000 grant to Billings Forge Community Works directly supports their employment-focused social enterprise in Frog Hollow.

New Haven Home RecoveryThrough our Educational Opportunity Fund, we provide modest, highly flexible support for the education and training aspirations of homeless or formerly homeless people. The fund covers educational expenses and fills in gaps not provided for by other assistance programs.

In 2013, Open Hearth of Hartford received $7,500 to provide supplemental funding for the educational expenses of the residents of their transitional living program.


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